Arcade Rentals

Rent Your Own Sportsbar or Arcade with The Party Team!

Book an arcade rental with The Party Team! Arcade games are the perfect interactive entertainment for corporate events, birthday parties, graduations, or just to have for the kids! We offer a variety of arcade and bar game rentals, including Ms. Pac-Man, Cruisin Exotica, Frogger, Pool, Air Hockey, and Foosball.

We bring the fun and entertainment, so see how an arcade rental can upgrade your next event! All of our equipment is original and well-maintained ? we take care of our machines! Experience the Party Team difference.

Arcade Games

60-in-1 Multicade

We’re throwin’ it all the way back! We have both standing and sit-down varieties of this Multicade system. Play all the classic hits, from Donkey Kong to Dig Dug to Pac-Man Jr. Endless entertainment at your fingertips! Both one and two-player games included.

Travel the world in style! Our Cruisin’ cabinets are originals, meaning they have all the old graphics and sound effects! Drive it like you stole it through gorgeous backdrops, including Korea, Egypt, Vegas, and more! One or two cabinets are available for arcade rental.

We’re not in Kansas anymore! Upgrade the hunting experience with this Extreme version! On top of hunting for deer, you can go up against Grizzlies, Elk, Moose, and other dangerous prey! Play by yourself or with a friend – just make sure you can run faster than them!

We’re feeling tee-d off! Play against friends in this world-class golfing simulator. We have the original version from 1999, so you’ll get a blast from the past while trying to avoid sand traps and fierce competition. Play by yourself or in tournament mode with this arcade rental to see who’s the very best!

Take your racing skills to the next level! Hydro Thunder has all the excitement of the track, but you’re racing high-class speedboats instead! Feel the need for speed while tearing around exotic locales – just try not to get too wet!

The OG queen of the arcade is back! With this original cabinet, you can relive the glory days of the late 80s with Ms. Pac-Man herself! Everything is just the way you remember it, but without the greasy joystick and endless supply of quarters. One and two-player options available.

Bar Games

We’re throwin’ it all the way back! We have both standing and sit-down varieties of this Multicade system.
Play all the classic hits, from Donkey Kong to Dig Dug to Pac-Man Jr. Endless entertainment at your fingertips! Both one and two-player games included.


Rack up a game of 8-ball or 9-ball with a single slate, tournament-style table. Green and red felt available, depending on your preference.


High-quality, tournament-level air hockey tables. Play one-on-one or with up to four players for some extra fun!


Join in for a game of fast-paced action. Two to four players can play on this tournament-style table.


This could be America’s favorite game of all-time for men & women alike. Aluminum tables are also beer pong approved!


This classic bar game is easy for ANY person, yet still fun for ALL players. Our 9-foot table is a great addition to any event.



Our Skeeball rentals promise a game of accuracy, thrill, and strategy. Players are drawn into the addictive nature of Skeeball, as each game challenges them to outperform their previous high scores, creating a captivating, competitive atmosphere suitable for all ages.


  • Classic Skeeball Machine can be added to any arcade or casino rental
  • Multiplayer Skeeball for all types of events
  • Multiple Skeeball Arcade Games Rental for larger gatherings
  • Skeeball, Pinball and other Arcade Game Rental for corporate and private events


Throw the safe plastic tip darts while the game keeps score. The same large machines you will see in sports bars. Easy and safe!


Compete head-to-head on our basketball hoop shoot! Perfect fun for all ages!

GIANT SCREEN Xbox Kinect and Wii Rentals!

Our Video Game Tournaments add excitement and fun to your party with these fun and interactive games. We provide everything you need to play on our giant 8-foot screens. The Party Team can provide several screens with different game options, or have the same games going simultaneously. Our most popular games:

  • Rock Band
  • Wii Sports: Bowling, Tennis, Mario Kart
  • Dance Central 2

Games can be set up for free-play or tournaments. Your on-site Party Team Director will take care of everything.
A great addition to the gaming tables at your casino party! Includes:

  • 8-foot Projection Screen, LCD projector, games with deck and speakers
  • Free Delivery and Set-up
  • Tournament/ Game Lesson Director

We had Team Casino for our company Christmas party and they did such a great job. There was roulette, craps and blackjack as well as a photo booth. All of our employees had a great time and couldn't say enough about the staff of Team Casino. They made sure we all had fun playing the games and that we left the tables with lots of winnings. The company was easy to work with from my first contact to the last. They had everything set up at the venue on time and waited until the last person left before tearing down. They made sure everyone had a memorable evening. Thank you Team Casino!

This is the second time we've used Team Casino for our office Christmas party. They are friendly, funny, informative (I had never played craps, blackjack, or roulette before, and they took the time to teach me while making sure everyone had fun), and everyone at the party walked away having "won." We are so happy with Team Casino, and look forward to using them again in the future.

What a team!!! Well done to all! Will definitely be using them again.
Your team was courteous, fun and interactive with all the guests. Couldn't have been better.

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