Casino Parties in Portland Oregon

The Party Team: Bringing the Casino to You!

Are you ready to add some excitement to your next event in Portland, Oregon? Look no further than The Party Team for the ultimate casino party experience!

We’ll Take Care of Everything!

We are experienced Our professional team will bring all the necessary equipment, including casino-style tables, chips, and custom fun-money, to your home, business, or event facility for your casino parties in Portand Oregon. Our friendly dealers will be on hand to teach your guests the ropes and ensure a winning time for all. And when the party is over, we’ll pack up and leave you to enjoy the rest of your event, with all the credit for a fantastic party.

casino parties in portland oregon

Blackjack Frenzy!

Maximize your fun with Blackjack frenzy! Play with 21 friends at one table while our expert dealers ensure a smooth game. Triple the excitement and book your table now!

Craps Throwdown!

Bring the excitement of craps to your intimate events with Craps Thowdown! Roll the dice in a cup for a unique experience that’s easy to fit at any house party or smaller gathering. Book your Craps Throwdown table today!

Corporate & Association Events

Make your business shine by hosting a casino party! It’s a great way to get people interacting and bonding in a relaxed atmosphere. And don’t forget about client appreciation and sales promotions – your clients and sales team will love the lure of a big win for your brand.

Networking & Ice Breakers

Take your association or company event to the next level with a casino party. It’s a unique opportunity for networking and conversation in a relaxed environment. Plus, starting your sales meeting or conference with casino activities is the perfect ice breaker for your guests.

Trade Show & Fundraisers

Stand out at your next trade show with casino-themed attractions like Prize Wheels, Slot Machines, and Blackjack. And what better way to raise money for charity than with a fun-filled casino party? Our professional fundraising staff will help make your event a success.

Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, & Retirement Parties

Bring the fun of Vegas to your family and friends with a casino party for special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, or retirement party, everyone will have a blast making new memories.

Book Your Casino Parties in Portland Oregon Today!

The Party Team is your go-to for an unforgettable casino party experience in Portland, Oregon. Book now and get ready for some serious fun!

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