How to Host a Winning Casino Fundraiser in Oregon

How to Host a Winning Casino Fundraiser in Oregon

Casino fundraisers Oregon

Casino nights are an excellent way to rally support and raise substantial funds for your cause!

Here are some easy steps in helping you raise funds and have a blast at your party with a casino night and how it all works in Oregon! Please reach out to us about special license requirements in Idaho, Washington, or other states.

12 Step Guide to Planning a Successful Casino Fundraiser

1. Select a Date and Location.

Timing and venue are crucial. Venue availability is very limited so book early! Opt for dates between February through May, or late September to Thanksgiving, when attendance rates are typically higher. Choose a venue that aligns with the expected attendee count and desired atmosphere.

2. Reserve Your Date with The Party Team

Partner with a seasoned casino provider like The Party Team to ensure professional gaming tables and skilled dealers. It is very important your casino provider has their Monte Carlo license for fundraising. We will provide a mixture of blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker tables along

with authentic casino equipment including all chips, cards, dice, and custom funny money with your logo, or sponsor’s logo on it.

3. Get Your Monte Carlo License

The Oregon Department of Justice regulates gaming, but they are easy to work with! After you reserve your date with us, we will direct you towards the DOJ’s Monte Carlo application where you will need our Monte Carlo license number and $100 check for the DOJ. The DOJ says 10 days before your event, we recommend getting this done by 30 days out.

4. Ticket Sales and Pricing Strategies

Setting the right ticket price is critical. Factor in the venue quality, food, and drink provisions, and the overall theme of your event. A higher ticket price can often yield better overall revenue if the value perceived by guests is high. DO NOT give out any free “funny money” to your guests with their admission into your event. Free alcohol and heavy appetizers are a great way to keep your guests on the casino tables earning you money.

Get one prize for every 20 guests for the end of the night raffle. Prizes do not need to be huge. Simply having them gives people something to lose or win for, fires up the competitive spirit, and keeps guests at your party longer!

5. Event Services and Management

Use platforms like Eventbrite, Greater Giving and Tofino Auctions for efficient ticket sales, check-in/out, and auction management. These tools help streamline operations and enhance the guest experience. Make sure you are remembering that your guests want a fun event and having a good MC or casino host can really help your sales.

6. Plan the Event Format

A typical event might look like this:

  • 4:00 PM: Party Team arrives for casino setup.
  • 6:00 PM: Doors open, bar and appetizers available.
  • 6:30 PM: Casino tables open.
  • 8:00 PM: Casino tables close for a formal presentation and appeal.
  • 8:30 PM: Casino reopens for final bets.
  • 9:30 PM: Casino closes and raffle prizes awarded.

7. Marketing and Ticket Sales

Utilize all available marketing channels to promote your event. Engage past supporters and reach out to potential new donors via social media, email campaigns, and community outreach. We recommend identifying any potential high dollar donors you know of and when it comes time for your presentation and appeal for your group, have them lead off the high value donation.

8. Sourcing Prizes and Sponsorships

Engage local businesses to sponsor tables or donate prizes. This not only covers some overhead costs but also integrates the community into your event. There are many sponsor

opportunities such as on the photo booth, or custom cards, table tents, and even just recognition at your event is great for many local companies.

9. The Emotional Appeal

Your presentation should resonate emotionally, explaining the impact of donations. Use compelling stories, testimonials, and video to illustrate your organization’s work and its importance. It is important to take 30 or so minutes during your casino night to showcase all of the wonderful things your organization does for the community. Also, your guests will be coming to your party with a dollar amount they are willing to spend. The appeal is a great time to get that money donated into your organization before we go back to the casino tables.

10. Role of Volunteers and Staff

Each volunteer or staff member should have a clear role. Setup, decorations, managing the silent auction and handling check-out processes. Efficient staff organization ensures a smooth operation throughout the event. Volunteers can be used on your casino tables if you have them for a reduced cost on your party!

11. Post-Event Activities

Thank everyone involved, and announce the total funds raised. Feedback forms can help gather insights for future events, ensuring each one is more successful than the last.

12. Count Your Money Earned For Your Non-Profit

A well-planned casino fundraiser can significantly boost your fundraising efforts, offering an enjoyable evening that leaves guests eager to support your cause again! With careful planning, adherence to regulations, and the experience of The Party Team, your next event can be both memorable and tremendously successful.

Get Your Casino Fundraiser Quote Now

Choose Portland EugeneBendBoise and get your casino fundraiser quote now! We’re here to help every step of the way, ensuring a fun-filled night that your guests won’t soon forget!

Unleash the Competitive Spirit: Survey Says Events in Portland

Unleash the Competitive Spirit: Survey Says Events in Portland

Enhance your next Portland event with our ‘Survey Says’ game show rentals. This classic game show format, perfect for fostering team spirit and camaraderie, turns any gathering into an interactive and memorable experience. Dive into the fun where participants answer survey questions and compete to see whose guesses align with the top answers.

Participants enjoying 'Survey Says' game show rentals in Portland.

Why ‘Survey Says’ Is Ideal for Portland Events:

Portland’s diverse cultural scene and community-focused events are perfect for the inclusive and engaging format of ‘Survey Says.’ This game show encourages guests to think alike and provides entertainment that’s both thought-provoking and amusing. Ideal for corporate team-building, school functions, or charitable fundraisers, ‘Survey Says’ brings people together in a uniquely fun way.

Customizable Content for Local Relevance:

One of the standout features of our ‘Survey Says’ rentals is the ability to customize the content to fit your event’s theme or company’s industry. Want to test your guests’ knowledge of Portland’s history, local sports teams, or the arts scene? We can tailor the questions to resonate with your audience, making the game even more engaging and relevant.


Interactive Engagement That Sparks Connection:

‘Survey Says’ is more than just a game; it’s a dynamic way to engage participants and break down barriers. Whether it’s mixing departments at a corporate event or bringing together family members at a reunion, the game’s format encourages interaction and teamwork. Participants debate, collaborate, and laugh together, strengthening relationships and making new connections.

The Benefits of Game Show Rentals:

Our ‘Survey Says’ game show rentals come equipped with everything needed for a successful event: professional hosts, sound systems, and all necessary game equipment. Guests can enjoy the thrill of the game without any of the stress of planning. With our full-service setup and breakdown, event organizers can focus on their guests and the enjoyment of the evening.”

Maximizing Your Event’s Impact with Add-Ons:

Enhance the ‘Survey Says’ experience with additional entertainment options. Consider pairing the game show with other rentals like photo booths or arcade games to keep the energy high throughout your event. These add-ons are not only fun but also help create a fully immersive and unforgettable experience for all attendees.”

Are you ready to energize your Portland event with a game show that guarantees engagement and enjoyment? Our ‘Survey Says’ game show rentals offer just the right mix of entertainment and competition.

Book “Survey Says” for your next event and watch as your guests buzz with excitement, connect with one another, and leave with lasting memories.

Book Your Game Show Rental In Portland Now!

Boise Nights: Unleash Your Inner Star with Karaoke

Boise Nights: Unleash Your Inner Star with Karaoke

Step into the spotlight of Boise’s thrilling karaoke scene. Your chance to belt out ballads or rock anthems is here. Our karaoke nights are the city’s go-to for singers of all stripes – from shower soloists to budding stars.

Top Karaoke nights Boise

Boise’s Karaoke Scene: A Starry-Eyed Soirée

There’s no shortage of talent in the City of Trees, and karaoke night is where it shines. From soulful solos to duet dazzlers, Boise’s karaoke evenings are an electrifying showcase for vocalists eager to take the leap from the bathroom acoustics to the booming sound systems of a live audience.

A Melody of Moments: Karaoke as the Ultimate Icebreaker

Karaoke in Boise does more than test your vocal range; it forges connections. It’s where laughter flows as freely as the music, and every song is an invitation to join a community bound by the joy of music. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just ending the week on a high note, karaoke nights are an unforgettable way to make memories.

Sing Alongside the Boise River: Outdoor Karaoke Experiences

As Boise evenings warm up, the city’s outdoor venues offer a unique karaoke experience under the stars. Gather by the river, in parks, or on patios – Boise’s outdoor karaoke melds nature’s beauty with the power of performance, providing a stage that’s as vast as your repertoire. It’s here that the elements add to your performance, where a gentle breeze can carry your tune to new heights.

Karaoke Cult Classics and Chart-Topping Hits

Our karaoke library isn’t just comprehensive; it’s a hit parade spanning decades and genres. You can croon to the classics, get down with some disco, or challenge your rap skills with the latest drops. The diverse selection ensures that everyone, from the retro enthusiast to the trendy top-40s fan, will find their groove.

Plan Your Karaoke Extravaganza in Boise Today!

Ready to be the star of the night? Whether you’re a solo diva, a duet partner, or part of a group act, Boise’s Karaoke nights await you.

Reach out now and let us turn your average evening into a night of music, fun, and memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s get those vocal cords warmed up for a night where you’re not just heard, but remembered.


Unlock a World of Fun with Party Rentals in Boise

Unlock a World of Fun with Party Rentals in Boise

When it comes to hosting an event in Boise, it’s not just the who and the where that matter—it’s the wow. And wow is precisely what you get with The Party Team’s extensive selection of party rentals. We deliver not just equipment, but experiences that transform your gatherings into cherished memories. Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration or a grand-scale event, our party rentals provide the perfect mix of entertainment and excitement.

Portland photo booth rentals

From Photobooths to Arcade Classics: A Rental for Every Occasion

Imagine guests stepping into a photo booth, donning goofy glasses and wide-brimmed hats, and laughing as they strike a pose. Or maybe you prefer the thrill of the arcade, with classics like Pac-Man and pinball to spark a bit of nostalgia. With party rentals in Boise, you can recreate these moments and more.

The Party Team's School Entertainment Services

Game Night, Upgraded: Bingo and Derby Delights

Bring the community together with a rousing game of bingo or the fast-paced fun of the Derby, where guests bet on filmed races. These games are perfect for charity fundraisers or as ice-breakers at corporate functions, allowing everyone to rally together for some spirited fun.

Giant Jenga

Engage Guests with Interactive Reception Games

Keep the energy high from start to finish with reception games that entice all attendees. From giant Jenga to life-sized chess, these games ensure that your event is interactive, engaging, and full of laughter.


Light Up Your Event with Uplighting

Set the mood with uplighting options that transform your venue to match your vision. The right lighting can turn a simple space in Boise into an elegant affair or a vibrant party zone, perfect for creating the desired atmosphere.

Live Talent

Live Talent: Elevate Your Event with a Touch of Boise’s Best

Keep the energy high from start to finish with reception games that entice all attendees. From giant Jenga to life-sized chess, these games ensure that your event is interactive, engaging, and full of laughter.

Picnic Games

Picnic Games and Outdoor Thrills

Take advantage of Boise’s beautiful outdoor spaces with picnic games that get everyone up and moving. Whether it’s a company picnic or a family gathering, games like cornhole, ladder toss, and water balloon fights provide fun for all ages.

Portland Oregon Pinball Rental

Arcade and Pinball Rentals: Relive the Retro Vibe

Our arcade and pinball machine rentals are a hit for any age group, adding a retro vibe and a bit of competitive fun to your gathering. They’re the perfect addition to any Boise event, offering both solo and group play options.

Portland Oregon Skeeball Rental

Skee Ball and Virtual Reality: From Classic to Cutting-Edge

Challenge guests with skee ball rentals or immerse them in new worlds with virtual reality experiences. These rentals are a great way to add variety to your event and ensure that there’s something for everyone.

Ready to infuse your Boise event with extraordinary entertainment that spans the spectrum from classic to avant-garde? The Party Team is at your service, providing a vast selection of party rentals to meet every need and exceed expectations. Connect with us today, and let’s begin crafting an event that will be the talk of Boise!

Discover Your Perfect Party Rental Now!

Whether it’s the laughter echoing from the photo booth, the clack of the skee ball, or the gasps from the VR corner, with The Party Team, your event will not just be remembered—it will be revered.

Retro Fun Reimagined: Arcade Game Rentals in Portland

Retro Fun Reimagined: Arcade Game Rentals in Portland

Rediscover the golden age of gaming with Arcade Game Rentals in Portland. Whether you’re planning a corporate team-building event, a community festival, or just a throwback party, bringing in arcade classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong can turn any gathering into a hit. In Portland, where creativity and community come together, arcade game rentals offer a unique way to engage guests of all ages, providing both nostalgia and new discoveries.


"Family fun with arcade game rentals in Portland.

Why Arcade Games are Perfect for Portland:

Portland thrives on a blend of artistic expression, technological innovation, and communal activities. Arcade games fit right into this culture, offering a playful bridge between generations. They not only invoke nostalgia among older attendees but also spark curiosity and joy in younger ones who might be experiencing these games for the first time. Moreover, the city’s thriving indie gaming scene can resonate with arcade aesthetics, providing a familiar yet exciting atmosphere at events. Additionally, arcade games serve as a social catalyst, encouraging interaction and friendly competition, aligning perfectly with Portland’s community-focused ethos.

Arcade Rentals for Every Event:

From retro-themed corporate parties that break the ice with some friendly competition to public events where attendees can bond over shared high scores, arcade game rentals in Portland ensure your event is memorable. They are also fantastic for family-oriented functions, adding an element of fun that keeps both kids and parents entertained. Beyond just entertainment, these classic arcade games can serve as interactive decor, enhancing the visual appeal of your venue and giving it a lively, dynamic vibe. They are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia that complements Portland’s eclectic and artistic spirit. Additionally, incorporating arcade games at weddings or birthday parties offers a unique way to personalize celebrations, reflecting the host’s personality and creating standout moments that guests will talk about long after the party ends.

Enhance Your Event Atmosphere:

Arcade game rentals can transform your event space into a vibrant arcade hall. With their bright lights, inviting sounds, and instantly recognizable graphics, these games create an immersive experience that transports your guests back in time while encouraging playful interaction in the present.



Ready to level up your next Portland event with a blast from the past? Our arcade game rentals are ready to make your party a high-scoring success. Don’t miss out on the chance to add a classic touch of fun that appeals to all. Book Your Arcade Game Rentals In Portland Today!

Casino Night Parties: Roll the Dice on Fun in Boise

Casino Night Parties: Roll the Dice on Fun in Boise

Transform an ordinary evening into a high-stakes adventure with The Party Team’s Casino Night Parties, right here in Boise. Tailored for an array of events, from energizing company socials to uplifting fundraisers, these casino-themed nights infuse your gathering with a blend of strategy, luck, and excitement without the need for a trip out of town.

Casino party Boise - Roulette

Boise’s Answer to Elegant Entertainment

Boise’s unique blend of urban life and close-knit community values make Casino Night Parties an ideal choice for entertainment that’s both sophisticated and inclusive. It’s about enjoying the essence of casino games in a way that brings people together, fostering enjoyment and friendly competition. In a city that prides itself on diverse entertainment and vibrant community events, Casino Night Parties hit the jackpot.

Enhance Team Dynamics with Friendly Competition

Within the bustling heart of Boise, companies can step away from the typical office environment and into a world of excitement and engagement. Employees can rally around the roulette wheel or go all in during a hand of poker, building team dynamics and enjoying a reprieve from the day-to-day grind.

Philanthropy Meets Play at Fundraising Events

For Boise’s philanthropic scene, Casino Night serves as an innovative fundraising platform. Charitable organizations can bank on this unique blend of entertainment and giving, where guests are eager to open their wallets for a good cause, encouraged by the fun and friendly spirit of casino play.

A Range of Games for Every Guest

Whether you’re a seasoned card shark or a roulette rookie, Casino Night in Boise offers a little something for everyone. Guests can try their hand at craps, take a spin at the money wheel, or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere as they mix and mingle with fellow Boiseans.

Ready for a night where the stakes are just as high as the excitement? The Party Team’s Casino Night in Boise is a safe bet for a memorable evening. Our authentic casino experience is perfect for creating a night of enjoyment, connection, and community spirit. With a full house of games and professional dealers, you’re guaranteed an event that’s both thrilling and approachable.

Place Your Bet on a Casino Night in Boise – Contact Us Now!