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Step into the timeless allure of Skeeball with Party Team’s Arcade Game Rentals. This classic game, crafted by J.D. Estes in 1909, has cemented its place in the hearts of many, transforming ordinary arcades into hubs of amusement and friendly competition. Now, we’re bringing the excitement straight to your events in Portland, Eugene, Bend, and Boise.

The Irresistible Pull of the Skeeball Arcade Game

Our Skeeball rentals promise a game of accuracy, thrill, and strategy. Players are drawn into the addictive nature of Skeeball, as each game challenges them to outperform their previous high scores, creating a captivating, competitive atmosphere suitable for all ages.


The Evolution of Skeeball

Originally, Skeeball lanes spanned a lengthy 36 feet, limiting the game to those with considerable strength. In response to the need for a more universally appealing game, the length was reduced first to 14 feet and later to the modern length of 10 feet. This transformation broadened its popularity, ensuring Skeeball became a beloved feature of arcades across the United States.

The Versatility of Our Skeeball Arcade Game Rentals

Party Team’s Skeeball rentals can be programmed to play with 3 to 9 balls, most commonly with nine. Resembling bowling yet played on a shorter inclined lane, the game’s objective is to aim the balls into holes situated in a target shape at the end of the playfield. The harder-to-reach holes yield more points, adding an element of strategy to the game.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Events

Whether you’re organizing a carnival, a boardwalk-themed event, or a corporate gathering, our Skeeball rentals are a perfect addition. We provide the flexibility to rent a single game or multiple games, all of which can be linked for competitive play. To add to the excitement, our games can also be set up to issue tickets for prizes.

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Customizable to Fit Your Event’s Theme

To ensure your event truly stands out, Party Team offers customization options. Our expert graphic design team can adorn Skeeball alleys with your company logo or custom graphics. Your logo can be represented throughout the entirety of your casino event, just like on the photo booth!

Prompt Skeeball Arcade Game Delivery Across the Pacific Northwest

Party Team is committed to delivering our Skeeball rentals seamlessly across Portland, Eugene, Bend, and Boise. Our numerous units are ready for delivery, ensuring your guests enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.

Experience the Thrill of Skeeball with Party Team’s Arcade Rentals

  • Classic Skeeball Machine can be added to any arcade or casino rental
  • Multiplayer Skeeball for all types of events
  • Multiple Skeeball Arcade Games Rental for larger gatherings
  • Skeeball, Pinball and other Arcade Game Rental for corporate and private events

Join the Party Team Experience

Join us in redefining fun with Party Team’s Skeeball rentals. Contact us for more details on how to bring the classic arcade charm to your event!

I can't thank you all enough for the service you provided for our Roaring 20?s Charity Casino Night. We have used another company for this same kind of event in past years and it doesn?t even compare to what your company did for us.

The DJ service was perfect. The photo booth had all kinds of great props and was a really fun way to see who all was there. The best addition to our event was the M.C. The games and crowd interaction was more than I had hoped for. I will never host another event this size without your DJ and MC service. It made the event the unforgettable time that it was.

Thank you again for continually putting my mind at ease and making sure I (the host) was having a good time too. I was able to fully enjoy the event I worked so hard to put together alongside my guests, which was a first for me! The Party Team was GREAT and I will absolutely use them in the future for all kinds of events!

The Douglas County Fairgrounds use Team Casino for our annual Texas Hold'em Tournament and they are awesome to work with! Very knowledgeable about the game, the rules, and quick to setup and tear down. Travis and Josh are great to work with and really stay on top of things for us!! Cannot say enough good things about them and we'll continue to use them for years to come!

Team Casino rocks! We've used them at our annual employee party for the last 2 years and I hear nothing but raves from the employees. This year I made a late request to have them start the gaming early. They immediately got on the phone to their table workers and had most of them at our event earlier than initially scheduled. Their employees are very helpful and spend as much time as it takes to educate those who have not done any gaming before. Kudos Team Casino!

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