Picnic Games

Picnic Games From the Party Team!

When summer hits, it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather! What better way to enhance your corporate picnic or family reunion than with hosted games from The Party Team! We have a wide selection of game options – each one structured to ensure that guests stay engaged the whole time. Best of all, it’s fun for all ages!

Some of our Picnic Games and Activities

Fireman's Brigade

Guests will break off into teams of at least 4. Three of them will launch our water bombs, while the fourth tries to catch them in a bucket! This game does require adult supervision, but kids love launching the bombs!

Water Bomb Launch Playing
Fireman's Brigade

Will it be hot out – we hope so!? This game is designed to get players as wet as possible. Two teams race against the clock to fill a gas can with water. The twist? The buckets they use are full of holes! For even more wet n’ wild fun, players have to move the bucket over their heads, guaranteeing laughs from the crowd!

Fireman's Brigade
Frisbee Madness

You don’t have to be mad to play this game – but you will look a little kooky out in the field! Frisbee Madness can be played by teams or individuals. There are throwers and catchers. The twist is that the catchers can’t move outside of their hula hoop, and they have to stuff each frisbee into an oversized Hawaiian shirt. Perfect for all ages!

Frisbee Madness Throwing
Beach Chair Volleyball

Just sit back and relax with this version of volleyball. Each team has to stay seated while the ball is in the air, and the first one to reach 11 points wins! The beach ball makes gameplay both safer and more engaging, but don’t lean over too far!

Beach Chair Volleyball
Tacky Tourist

A new spin on the relay race! See who can dress up the dorkiest!? Runners take turns putting on one piece of the Tacky Tourist outfit, including flippers, sun hat, scuba goggles w/ snorkel, Hawaiian shirt, and a lei! This game is ideal for pictures, as everyone participating will look pretty tacky!

Tacky Tourist Playing
Tug O' War

Pit kids vs. adults, families against each other, or bosses vs. employees! Establish dominance on the field with this classic game!

Tug O' War
Frozen T-Shirt Contest

We can use regular frozen t-shirts or branded ones you provide. It’s a lot harder to put on a frozen tee than you might think. Perfect for hot summer days!

Frozen T-Shirt Contest
Picnic Activities come with an interactive host and staff to help facilitate each game and help keep the party flowing, so you don?t have to! And of course, picnic games are great when bundled with many of our other The Party Team services, including the Photo Booth, Bingo, and our Interactive DJ?s!

Upgrade Your Picnic Games!

We offer a wide selection of add-ons and upgrades to make your event extra special! Here’s what you can do with your guests!


This classic game is fun for all ages, and it works just as well outside as indoors! We have a full-size light-up board for plenty of fun! Perfect for giving away prizes or gift cards!


Tailgate Games

These interactive games will keep all guests entertained! They’re perfect for outdoor venues and group play. We have:

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What a team!!! Well done to all! Will definitely be using them again.
Your team was courteous, fun and interactive with all the guests. Couldn't have been better.

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