Shh! It’s a Speakeasy Party!

Speakeasy Parties From the Party Team!


Celebrate your event in style with speakeasy parties from the Party Team! We can help turn your party into a swinging good time!

A History of Speakeasy Parties

On January 1st, 1920, the Volstead Act came into effect. The Act was designed to help law enforcement agencies uphold the 18th amendment, which banned the sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages. For the next 13 years, America would be in an era colloquially known as “Prohibition.”

To skirt the new laws speakeasy saloons and parlors became commonplace so that individuals could imbibe without the threat of arrest. Usually, these parties required a password to get in, as that helped keep the long arm of the law out.

While Prohibition was repealed (the only time that’s happened in U.S. history), the spirit of the Roaring ’20s continues to live on. Now that we’re once again in the 20s, it’s high time to bring back the speakeasy party! Best of all, there’s no risk of getting hauled to jail!

Speakeasy Parties - Blackjack

So, what’s involved in Speakeasy Parties? Try these options from The Party Team!

Casino Nights Logo

Nothing adds an allure of class and mystery like a Speakeasy Casino. Bring a few blackjack, roulette, or craps tables into a back room and let your guests try to tempt Lady Luck to their side. Play for fun or prizes – just don’t be too loud! Otherwise, the coppers outside might catch wind of what’s going on behind the wall.

Photo Booth Logo

Speakeasy parties are an excellent excuse to dress to the nines. So, why not allow your guests to strut their stuff inside a photo booth? With 20s-era props, you can make the evening even more memorable! Best of all, we can add a green-screen option to create any kind of Speakeasy background you like.

Event DJ Logo

Get in the mood with one of our high-quality event DJs! Speakeasy parties are not the same without some old-fashioned tunes to set the atmosphere. We can customize a playlist to fit your crowd, and our DJs can keep everyone engaged with interactive games and challenges! Having the right music and energy can make or break a party, so don’t settle for second-best!

Night at the Derby Logo

If you’re having a speakeasy party, why not turn your venue into a good old-fashioned race track! Horse betting is the perfect way to get your guests engaged and add some fun and excitement to the evening! With our live hosts and era-appropriate bookies, we’ll make sure that your bets win, place, and show!

Game Show - Survey Says

If you really want your speakeasy party to shine, you should have us host a Game Show! Survey Says is our in-house version of Family Feud, and it’s the perfect way to get your guests in the mood. We can customize the questions to be Speakeasy-appropriate, or we can offer generic questions – you choose! Our game shows are tons of fun and will create a night to remember!

Upgrade Your Speakeasy Party!

While these event options are the bee’s knees, you can elevate your party a few other ways. Try these add-ons to make your event really pop!

  • Uplighting – Nothing adds class to a venue like high-quality uplights. You’ll be amazed at how something so small can have such a significant impact. We can light both intimate and grand spaces depending on your needs.
  • Cocktail Games – For those who want more DIY fun, we offer giant versions of classic games, including Jenga, Connect 4, and Yahtzee!

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My wife and I attended a corporate event where they supplied the casino equipment and staff. We had a blast! Cody taught us Rock-Paper-Scissors casino version and we played Big Hand (huge cards!) Blackjack with Vicky. Both were friendly, helpful, and most focused on our enjoyment. I highly recommend their services.

We had the best casino party for my husband's birthday! We had a blackjack and texas hold em, and giant jenga. Staff was fun and professional. Overall, the party was a huge success and we can't wait to do it again!!!

What a team!!! Well done to all! Will definitely be using them again.
Your team was courteous, fun and interactive with all the guests. Couldn't have been better.

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