The Top 8 Outdoor Venue Spots in Oregon

The Top 8 Outdoor Venue Spots in Oregon

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a corporate picnic, or some other outdoor gathering, finding the right venue is crucial. Fortunately, living in the Pacific Northwest comes with plenty of perks, one of being an abundance of gorgeous scenery. Today, we’re going to take you on a tour of the top outdoor venues in Oregon. These venues are excellent for various event types, so no matter what your needs, you’re sure to find it on this list.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden


If you live in SE Portland, you may already be familiar with this hidden gem. Tucked away on the side of the Eastmoreland Golf Course, the Rhododendron Garden has been around for decades. The spot was originally a farm estate until the Portland chapter of the American Rhododendron Society chose it for their new garden in 1950. At first, they reserved the area to grow various breeds of rhododendron, but the plan for making it a full-time test garden ultimately fell through.

Today, this nine-acre estate is the perfect backdrop for many different events, including weddings, proms, and anniversaries. There are stunning views of nature and plenty of water birds around, making it hard to believe that the city of Portland is just outside the perimeter.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden5801 SE 28th Ave., Portland OR

Rossi Farms


With so many farms and ranches around Oregon, you can’t go too far without running into one. This farm on the edge of Southeast Portland was established in 1880, back when the area was sparsely inhabited. Since then, it’s become a family enterprise, with five generations of Rossi children helping to take care of the property.

Rossi Farms is a blend of indoor and outdoor accommodations. There is a massive barn and a guest house on the property, as well as a large paved area with string lights for nighttime events. The farm offers a rustic aesthetic for any event, whether it’s a casino night or five-star wedding. Unfortunately, the farm is no longer in use, so you won’t get to pet animals or sample some extra-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rossi Farms3839 NE 122nd Ave., Portland OR

Cathedral Park


One of the most beautiful landmarks in Portland is the St. Johns Bridge, which spans across the Columbia River and connects the St. Johns neighborhood to the rest of Portland. Underneath that bridge is Cathedral Park, so named for the cathedral-like stone supports for the bridge.

Although the bridge was built in 1931, the park didn’t come along until the 1970s. At the time, the area was being used as a junkyard, so the “mayor” of St. Johns (it was unincorporated territory back then) decided to clean it up and turn it into a park. It took eight years to complete, and the park was dedicated in 1980. To commemorate the occasion, the city placed a time capsule into the wall of history, which is to be opened in 2030.

This park is perfect for all kinds of events, from informal gatherings to weddings and picnics. The waterfront views make it one of the best green spaces in Portland.

Cathedral Park6635 N Baltimore Ave., Portland OR

The Oregon Garden


Moving outside of Portland, the Oregon Garden and Resort is a spectacular venue for many different events. Every year, the Garden hosts a German-Themed Christmas Festival, complete with a beer garden, snow-less sledding, and plenty of light displays.

With over 80 acres of space and 20 unique gardens, there are plenty of opportunities to host an event here. The resort is also perfect for weddings since many guests can stay overnight if necessary. Interestingly enough, the Garden is a relatively new venue, having opened in 1999 after two years of construction and renovation.

The Oregon Garden879 W Main St., Silverton OR

Leach Botanical Garden


Like Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, this venue is a hidden gem. Tucked away off of Foster Road in Portland, it is one of the most biodiverse botanical gardens in the city. The Garden is named after owners John and Lilla Leach, who were very active in the community. John owned a drugstore and Lilla loved exploring nature. She even discovered five unique plant species while out on nature walks in the 1940s and 50s.

The Leaches lived on the Garden property in a small stone cabin, which still exists to this day. When John passed away in 1972, they donated the land to the city. However, in their will, they stipulated that the city had to use the land within 10 years. Otherwise, ownership would pass to the local YMCA. In 1982, there was some back and forth about who would get the garden, but the city ultimately kept it, although barely.

This venue is perfect for picturesque weddings or proms, and it has a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. The Garden is open all year round, and thanks to its proximity to Johnson Creek, it’s the perfect place to do a little exploring of your own.

Leach Botanical Garden 6704 SE 122nd Ave, Portland OR

Langdon Farms


If you want a well-rounded outdoor venue that can accommodate a wide array of event types, Langdon Farms does it all. The property does have a golf course, as well as multiple hosting sites, including an orchard, a barn, and a clubhouse. This area is perfect for all kinds of parties, from weddings to golf tournaments to corporate picnics.

Some of the buildings on the property were built in 1908, although the Langdons didn’t acquire the farm until 1931. It was a working farm for many years, but in the 1960s, the state forced the Langdons to cut their property in half so that the I-5 Freeway could get built. In 1995, the golf course was added, and the place has been an outdoor venue ever since.

Langdon Farms 24377 Airport Rd. NE #3, Aurora OR

Council Crest Park


Portland is home to many exquisite parks, but none of them have quite the history or esteem as Council Crest. As the highest point in the city, this park offers incredible views that can’t be found anywhere else. As an outdoor venue, this park is steeped in history, starting with its inception as a railroad stop.

From 1907 to 1929, the area was home to Council Crest Amusement Park, which helped build ridership for the new train line. The Amusement park had many different attractions, including an observation tower, a Ferris Wheel, a riverboat ride, and a carousel. The Great Depression caused the park to fall into disrepair, and it was torn down in 1941.

On a clear day, you can see five different mountains from here: Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Jefferson. This park is ideal for all kinds of gatherings, from weddings to picnics.

Council Crest Park 1120 SW Council Crest Dr. Portland OR

Mt. View Orchards


When it comes to wedding venues in Oregon, most of them pale in comparison to Mt. View Orchards. Nestled at the base of Mount Hood, you can’t find any better views of the peak, particularly during the spring and summer months.

True to its name, Mt. View is a real orchard, complete with apples, pears, peaches, and cherries. These trees can help elevate the look and feel (and taste) of your event. The venue maintains a rustic yet chic aesthetic with everything from the buildings to the catering menu. They even make fresh cider on-site for your guests, and you can incorporate fresh fruit into your dining menu.

Although the farm was established in 1974, the original orchard began over 100 years ago. Most of the current crop of trees are new, but there is a row of Golden Delicious trees that have been around since the beginning. Overall, the venue spans fifty acres and is one of the premier wedding destinations in the region.

Mt. View Orchards6600 Trout Creek Ridge Rd, Mt. Hood OR

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